The Astronot Cast Do Q&A at the 2018 Bend Film Fest

Director Tim Cash & actors Yuvia Storm, Sandy Silver & Kiran Cash held a Q&A prior to their screening at the Bend Tower Theatre as part of the 15th Annual Bend Film Fest.  The Astronot was filmed in Central Oregon in the communities of Bend, La Pine & Fort Rock.  Part of the goal of the film was to display the beauty of the region on the big screen.  Pennan Brae, screenwriter of The Astronot, notes, ‘When I first visited Bend, Oregon 6 years ago, I was blown away by the beauty of the place.  Central Oregon is quite unique; it’s unlike any place out there.’  Tim & Pennan worked on the screenplay & sent back & forth several edits between Bend & Vancouver.  Eventually, the screenplay was complete & shooting was to begin.  The small crew shot for 20 days straight & then needed a break.  A week later, they were back at it until an early snowstorm halted shooting.  The team had to wait until a thaw in the cold later that winter to complete the final 2 days.  When complete, The Astronot was ready for lift-off.