The Astronot an Official Selection in Feature Film at the Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles

The Astronot feature film by director Tim Cash & screenwriter Pennan Brae is an Official Selection in feature film at the Mindfield Film Festival in Los Angeles.  The Astronot unfolds during the space race of the 1960s.  During that time, America & Russia were locked in a race to get to the moon.  A young Oregonian named Daniel McKovsky was fascinated by space ever since he was a young kid in the 1940s.  He dreamt about being an astronaut before there was such a thing.  He’d only read about it in his Buck Rogers sci-fi novels.  Daniel was a homebody who rarely left his hometown.  Yet he dreamed of how amazing it might be to travel to far away worlds.  He followed every launch of Project Mercury, Gemini & Apollo.  He did so by himself as he was very much a loner.  That all changed on the eve of Apollo 11 when he met a young postal carrier who delivered a package his way.  Her name was Sandy & it changed everything for him.  Meeting her changed the life of The Astronot.