The Astronot A Finalist & Screening at the Cosmic Film Festival

The Astronot feature film & trailer are Finalists at the Cosmic Film Festival in Orlando.  The film is screening at the festival June 15-17.  The Astronot was directed by Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films & was written by screenwriter Pennan Brae.  It’s 1969 & the Russians & Americans are in a race to the moon.  In the early 1960s, the Soviet Union had the advantage but by the mid-60s, the United States had pulled even & then ahead.  It was a thrilling decade for exploration.  Daniel McKovsky followed each mission from his home in Central Oregon.  When he was a boy in the 1940s, he wondered if humans would ever be able to fly to the moon.  This was before there was such a thing as astronauts.  He would read his Buck Rogers novels of the 1930s & ponder at the possibilities.  His father Walter was an Air Force pilot, but he thought it might take 100 years to get there.  It was only 28 years from that conversation the pair had in 1941.  Becoming an astronaut was all Daniel ever wanted to do.